Full-Service Shopping Feed Management
  • Performance ROI Guarantee – During the first 30 days we will provide a performance guarantee. If you’re ROAS goal is $5:1 and we come in $4:1 you would only pay for media on a cost per click (CPC) basic for your goal. 
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  • Incremental Scale – Send us your existing product feed and you’ll modify it across hundreds of shopping sites. Our team uses advanced algorithms to clean feeds automatically. 
  • Flexibility – Our algos reduces data fragmentation by connecting data sets together to stitch with relevant product messaging including cost, profit margin and performance metrics on customized product SKU reports
  • Profit Maximization– Our experts have spent decades in the ecommerce shopping ecosystem evaluating products, technologies and strategies. We have assembled best practices to build our proprietary technology from the ground up to ensure success across many business use cases. For example, bid up the most profitable SKUs by region during holiday periods or pause SKUs that have spent more than $5,000 with a margin below 10%.  
  • Know When To Manage– AI alerts our team when SKUs within a specific feed have generated an error such as syntax, missing information, or products have been flagged as disapproved and need to be resolved.
  • 24/7 Expert Support Team - Feed set-up, feed audits, optimization, and ongoing support with our dedicated account manager and shopping analyst team.
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